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A unique perspective on banking and compliance.

Martino+Marley is a boutique, advisory consultant firm with over 30 years of community banking experience, focused on regulatory compliance, BSA/AML, and commercial/SBA loan reviews.
Our partner-only approach allows us to support your team in program development, risk assessments, monitoring, and audit. Our hands-on, risk-based perspective drives results and peace of mind from the teller line to the board room.
An investment in Martino+Marley is one you can trust and bank on.

Regulatory Compliance

Martino+Marley performs risk based compliance audits, consumer protection monitoring programs, and compliance management system consulting. In addition, M+M also offers Board Policy and Staff procedures development, advertising reviews, new product/services implementations, staff and Board training programs and a help desk, all designed to assure for efficient and effective regulatory compliance.


Martino+Marley conducts detailed risk based independent audits, and BSA/AML software model validation and testing. M+M provides BSA/AML Program development by establishing new programs, procedures, and risk assessments, that are customized for each client to support their regulatory requirements. We offer high-level, BSA officer training which is customized, intensive, and includes valuable tools and resources. BSA/AML services also includes regulatory agency corrective action resolutions and lookback reviews.

Commercial/SBA Loan Reviews

The Internal Loan Review (ILR) system serves as a means to identify, monitor and address asset quality problems in an accurate and timely manner. In addition, the system further provides for assurance of adherence to the Bank’s established policies and procedures. With a specialization in credit analysis/underwriting, asset classification, and portfolio risk assessments, M+M provides a comprehensive loan review.


For SBA Loan Reviews we assure for proper eligibility analysis, underwriting analysis and loan administration processes in accordance with SBA agreements.

Professional Development / Public Speaking

Martino+Marley has extensive experience in developing and delivering professional development seminars and webinars that focus on BSA Officer Training, Internal Loan Review, BSA/AML and Community Bank Compliance for the following organizations:

About the Firm

Serving community banks since 2005.

Karen Martino, CRCM, and Mary Marley, CRCM, are the founders and partners of Martino+Marley, a women-owned, banking consulting firm.

Established in 2005, the firm was originally founded as Karen I. Martino Group, LLC. In 2015, the firm purchased Thoms Jordan and incorporated their name and then in 2018 to reflect the women behind the firm reestablished as Martino+Marley. The firm has been serving community banks throughout New Jersey and New York and has a unique perspective on banking and compliance as both partners are former bankers and understand the challenges that today’s bankers face with compliance, operational efficiencies, profit margins, and the pressure of ever changing regulatory environment.

Karen Martino CRCM

Karen Martino, CRCM, Partner

Karen Martino has been a banking professional her entire career serving as the Executive Vice President and Director of Audit, Compliance, and Security for First Savings Bank, a two-billion-dollar financial institution. Ms. Martino reported directly to the audit committee of the board of directors and developed and implemented audit and compliance programs for the bank’s operations and business units. During her tenure she designed and implemented the Bank’s customer identification program, bank secrecy and anti-money laundering programs, created a highly successful risk assessment plan and an operations enhancement program to further minimize risk and evaluate internal controls, and developed and managed the Bank’s Internal Loan Review Program. Ms. Martino graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and earned a Certified Internal Auditor certification. She also attended the American Bankers Association (ABA) Compliance School program, resulting in her passing the compliance manager’s examination to become a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager. Ms. Martino is also past President of the Financial Managers Society New York/New Jersey Chapter, and is a member of the NJ Bankers Compliance and BSA Sub-Committees.

Mary Marley, CRCM

Mary Marley, CRCM, Partner

Mary Marley got her start in public accounting, auditing community banks and moved on to First Savings Bank where she became the Vice President / Controller, her responsibilities included the management of the accounting department, preparing and analyzing financial statements as well as regulatory reporting. She then moved to the lending division where she was Vice President of Loan Services. She headed up the loss mitigation program, lending compliance and commercial credit underwriting for seven years. Ms. Marley graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas College with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and she has successfully completed the American Bankers Association (ABA) Compliance School program, resulting in her passing the compliance manager’s examination to become a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager. Ms. Marley has served on many NJ Bankers committees for over 15 years and was the chair of the NJ Bankers Loan Servicing committee during her time at First Savings Bank.

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